What We can do for you

From accounting and auditing to tax and management consulting services, Awael’s team of professionals can meet business needs you may have in these areas.  We offer our clients specialized accounting, risk management, and audit, combined with industry knowledge, and the personalized attention of a partner or team member.  We are also highly experienced in providing corporate finance, forensic and litigation support to our clients. 

Our comprehensive range of services are designed to help businesses manage their finances as well as support major financial decisions that are likely to made throughout the different stages of the lifecycle of a business including start-up, growth, expansion, acquisitions and listing. In support of this, we enable our clients to maintain sound corporate governance and keep proper audited accounts.   


Our Services 

Audit Services

We are committed to provide a high quality auditing and assurance services tailored to your specific needs.  Our personalized service, customized in collaboration with you, will produce the highest quality results which are in compliance with International auditing standards and, at the same time, cost effective for you.  

Our audit services include: 

  • Audit of the financial statements; 

  • Review of financial statements;  

  • Compliance audits; 

  • Agreed upon procedures; 

  • Management and systems audits; 

  • Internal Audits; 

  • Forensic Audits; and 

  • Special Assignments (e.g. specific processes). 


Accounting Services

Our accounting services provide you with accurate, up to date and insightful financial information that will help you maintain financial accuracy and capitalize on new opportunities. We undertake all your bookkeeping and reporting requirements, ensuring that your financial statements are accurate, timely and in compliance with applicable standards, whilst saving you time and money. We also assist in financial matters such as setting up IT systems, cost-saving measurements etc. 

Our accounting services include: 

  • Book keeping (monthly, quarterly, and annual); 

  • Preparation of financial information; 

  • Preparation of charts of accounts;  

  • Accounting system set up for new businesses; and

  • Budgeting and cash flow forecasting. 


Business Consulting

We will provide you with expert advice on: financial and estate planning, business incorporation or succession plans, remuneration strategies, income, taxes, and value added taxes, retirement planning for yourself or your employees, sale and valuation of your business and many more. With our guidance and advice, you can ensure that the things and the people that matter to you are properly taken care of.   

Your business can rely on us for various services including: 

  • Company formation; 

  • Litigation Support and Court expert Services;  

  • Risk Management;  

  • Due Diligence (buy side and sell side);  

  • Development of Policies & Procedures and Charters;  

  • Assistance with IPO’s;  

  • Family Business Support;  

  • Corporate Governance Assessments;  

  • Management Consulting;  

  • Feasibility Studies; and

  • Business Process Optimization.


Industry Expertise

Our partners have expertise in the following areas: 

  • Oil and Gas;  

  • Financial institutions (including Islamic Banking);  

  • Insurance/Takaful;

  • Manufacturing; 

  • Retail; 

  • Logistics and Distribution; 

  • Transportation; 

  • Construction and Property Development; 

  • Healthcare; 

  • Education; 

  • Government; 

  • Professional Services; and

  • Conglomerates.


Learn more about what we can do to help your business grow by contacting one of our specialists.